Chelsea Blue and Gina Rome from Virtual Smother

About This Scene

Cute Italian newcomer Gina and voluptuous, Amazonian goddess Chelsea are the sexiest roommates you've ever seen. Slave robbie is supposed to be their house boy, but he does his job completely incompetently, and even insists on vacuuming with his shirt off - UGGHH! What a sight! They decide to hide his face by placing his head in the dreaded smother box and suffocating him beneath their delectable asses. He knocks and rocks and squirms, but there's no escape…and NO AIR. As one girl robs him of breath, the other pummels his chest with her high-heel shoes. Chelsea takes off her shoes and uses them to cover his hideous face - "Smell the aroma!" she commands. Then she uses her BARE FEET to suffocate him - outstanding! Naturally, the girls follow up with lots of full-weight Barefoot trampling, on his torso, groin AND his head. This video features great face-slapping, foot worship, hand-over-mouth smothering (using FOUR hands!), beautiful titty-smothering (Chelsea comes naturally prepared for this…God made this girl the way Zeppelin made aircraft), two-girl facesitting (yes, they find a way to do it!), panty-clad pussy-smothering, rib-kicking, more NUDE boob-suffocation, foot-smothering, and more. They turn his face red, they turn his face blue, they turn him every which way but loose!

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