Tori Sinclair and Jewell Marceau from The Bound and the Worthless

About This Scene

Peter is a filthy liar who sold a lemon car to two total babes: Tori Sinclair (in a luscious mini) and Jewell Marceau (who looks scrumptious in her skin tight black latex pants and bra). "That car stranded us in the middle of the desert," Jewell explains. Since every word coming out of this guy's mouth is a total lie, they decide to stop up those lying lips. "Breathing is not an option for you now," Jewell snarls. They tie him to a hard table, and then take turns planting their asses on his ugly face. Oooh...the way Tori covers his mouth with her hands...this is very cruel HOM (hand over mouth) torment. You'll love the way she grinds her panty-clad pussy over his mouth and nose while slapping his head. "There we go!" Tori giggles. "Suffer like the pig you are." Jewell grabs his hair and SMASHES his head right into that latex-clad twat. God DAMN but that black-wrapped butt looks AWESOME as she uses it to crush his skull. Jewell's breast suffocation will take YOUR breath away -- he gasps and strains for air, but those big boobs won't allow him to snatch even a morsel. Tori's titty torment is even more torturous. "I can lay here all fucking day," she warns, as though that were a BAD thing. The bastard still refuses to make recompense by buying new cars for the girls. One girl stops up his nostrils while the other clamps his mouth shut. They mercilessly combine facesitting with trample action. "We're not done with you yet," Tori warns. "We want to make sure you remember this." Believe me, you will! How could anyone forget the astounding slave's-viewpoint shots of Tori suffocating her victim, the longest HOM session committed to an IBN video, lots more beauty shots of the latex grinding into his face (You can hear the suction sounds!), and the nose being crushed -- CRUSHED -- by twattage. It's a knock-out...literally!

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