Candi and Chandler from Summer Snatch

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Now this what girl-girl BDSM action is all about! Candy Apples has a problem with her big-titted friend Chandler: She fucked her man. "You dirty Bitch! You're going to turn all sorts of fucking colors before you pass the fuck out!" Ah, what a lovely mouth our Candy has. She loves to spew nonstop insults while smothering her victims into oblivion. Chandler is kept tied by her feet to the hardwood table. Good god, but this is DANGEROUS suffocation action. "Maybe I should put a couple bruises on you to make you real fucking pretty," Candy threatens, just before she sits on her victim's face. Just listen to those groans of torment as Candy bounces on Chandler's face harshly. "Shut the fuck up," she explains. This beautiful Bitches ass nearly swallows up her victim's head. Dig that amazing HOM action, as Candy uses her fingers to pinch the bitch's nostrils shut for long minutes. That hand over mouth action causes Chandler to squeal like a butchered pig. As she starts to pass out, you'll actually see her eyes roll up into her head - this is REALLY HAPPENING, folks. You can tell by the way her head changes color. Full-bore ultra-violent fem-on-fem suffocation action, and no faking! Candy inflicts FULL NUFE TWAT SUFFOCATION on her hapless, helpless gal-pal. Just look at the way Chandler's nose snakes between Candy's butt-cheeks! The facesitting is awesome - long, silent, breathless sessions of slurping, gagging, flailing, and ultra-sexy choking. As the Comic Book Guy might say (with great justification): "Best fem-on-fem suffocation EVER!"

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