Smother City


The disgusting pervo known only as "bob" sneaks into Chelsea Blue's dungeon and discovers one of her panties. Mmmm....he now finds it impossible to refrain from touching himself. Unfortunately, the mad Mistress who owns those panties - Chelsea Blue (who looks amazing in her short, tight latex dress) - catches him in the act. She is accompanied by her equally hot sister in Domination, Jewel Marceau . (What a body!) They decide that bob needs to die for invading their space - but not before they torture him for a good hour. These girls inflict every form of pain known to Woman - with a special emphasis on SMOTHERING. They use those panties to suffocate him! And as long as Jewel is wearing PVC panties, she might as well use them to block his airways. Chelsea, as you may know, comes particularly well-equipped for breast smothering - and yes, she strips off to show some of the most gorgeous hills since the opening of "The Sound of Music." Jewel's nekkid breastage proves even deadlier. (Great close up shots!) After the boobies tenderize him, Chelsea moves in. Chelsea even smothers him riding sidesaddle! (We've never seen that trick before - but it's a beaut.) All this air-robbery is festooned with bounteous face-slapping, head-banging, kicking, face-stomping, trampling, gagging, truly evil verbal humiliation, and panty-whips across his jowls. That panty gag doesn't stop him from talking, or groaning, so Chelsea sticks her toes in his mouth. "She's killing me with her feet!" bob yowls. You'll love the way his nose disappears up Jewel's butt. "That's the best ass you'll ever smell, fucking loser!" she politely explains. After tying him to a hard wooden table, they ferociously slam their asses into his face, then clamp his mouth and nostril's shut. Great four-handed HOM (hand over mouth) work is on view here - followed by nasty foot-on-face chokitude! "I'm a tough panty-sniffer," bob explains. "I don't go out so easy." Well, like it or not, he IS going out! Get this: Jewel sits on her face, rubs her clit through the PVC, then emits a truly toxic fart right into his face. Chelsea does the same. Then she grabs bob by the hair and shoves his face up Jewel's twat. "I'm going to crush your head til your eyes pop out!" Jewel snarls.


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