Rubber Made


Two hot-looking models - Eve Ellis and Diana Knight - are doing a photo-shoot dressed in remarkable tight rubber fetish costumes. (And look at those boots!) The photographer, Miles Long, keep pushing them to do increasingly intimate things together. Eventually, he suggest that the girls smother each other. Even suggests that they first learn how to do this sort of thing by smothering HIM. Miles actually volunteers to act as a demonstration patsy - sucker! For newbies, the babes quickly get into "this smothering thang." "He looks like a piggy!" says Eve as she bounces up and down atop his face, smashing his nose flat beneath her black latex. "Look at the veins popping out of his head!" Diana giggles, just before she ties up his feet and arms. Eve sticks her butt in his face while tying his ankles together. Diana does her one better by sitting on his face while securing his arms. Now that he is utterly vulnerable, they really wail on the poor bastard, thrusting their vulcanized butts directly onto his nose and mouth, robbing him of even the slightest chance of inhalation. Even crushes his face beneath her twat while her partner digs those ultra-boot heels into his abs. If you like to see women smoking, look at the arrogant way they puff their ciggies, blowing smoke right into the face of their helpless victim. They even take to punching his gut while smothering and strangling him by hand. (And do note that those hands come encased in very cool black gloves.) Miles grunts like a pig as he struggles for oxygen.


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