Facesitting Training


Nicole Sheridan has a personal trainer - an aggressive sunvabitch named voodoo. He takes TOTAL advantage of her, screaming at her and belittling her at every opportunity. He THINKS that Nicole is a born submissive who likes being insulted and degraded at every opportunity. But he goes one step two far during this particular exercise session. He uses an ersatz "self-defense" lesson as an excuse to grab her lovely ass and inflict pain. Trouble is he made one false presumption: Nicole is no submissive. Once she gets the upper hand, she decides to take her revenge - by subjecting him to furious, strenuous facesitting punishment. What lunkhead could ever imagine that THIS lovely blonde was some sort of pushover? Hardly! She's lean, mean, and as evil as they come. "I know you've been looking at my tits this whole time," she giggles. So what could be more fitting than to use that glorious cleavage to rob him of all air? Soon, he is gasping and flailing - and there's no way he can escape further torment, especially when she leans in for hand-over-mouth punishment. Just look at the way his nose disappears between her lightly-clad twat lips! Just look at the way she uses her hard bare nipples to poke his eyes out! This is robbery - AIR robbery. "Now who's the little cunt?" she taunts. SLAM! She powers that pussy directly into his nose, practically breaking it. "I should hurt you! I should hurt you bad! You're pathetic you stupid sissy cunt! GET IN THERE!" she screams as her ass completely envelops his cranium.

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